With the rapid rate of change in technology and social media, it is difficult to stay ahead of the next “new” thing. Innovation doesn’t just come from internal brainstorming, but comes from the day to day unmet needs of people everywhere. As a result, we want to be able to tap into a much larger pool of talented people to help drive new innovative ideas. With this in mind, Guru Nanak Institutions has formed an innovation group which is designed to tap the collective innovation of both the students and professors across the group institutions.

Fostering New Ideas is Academic
Every year new students come to GNI bringing fresh ideas and new ways of thinking about things. GNI wants to be able reach out to this very creative group of thinkers and allow them to guide us to fresh new ways of looking at our changing communications environment.

GNI’s Innovations Program creates value by leveraging resources and assets of leading universities to accelerate innovation.

Our program helps us envision the future with advanced applications and services for consumers, education, non-profit institutions, and businesses allowing us to capitalizes on the value of the network to drive innovative high bandwidth applications for fixed and mobile networks.

A GNIITian speaks....
harpreet “Apart from the trainings given by the department they also conduct mock tests and mock interviews 2 days before the campus drive which helped us in facing the actual tests and interviews.”

M. Apoorva, IT Dept.