Intellectual Property Rights (IPR)

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Intellectual Property Rights (IPR)
List of Details of the Intellectual Property Rights (IPR)
Sl. No. Category of IPR Name of the Faculty Member Title File Number Date of Filing Date of Publication Date of grant of IPR
1. Patent Dr S V Ranganayakulu
Dean - R&D
Method and Instrument for Studying of Acoustic Emissions of a Specimen of a Material and Asserting for various Parameters of Testing 2122/CHE/2015 27th April'201530th August’2016 (Issue No.41/2016) Published by Patent Office Journal, Page No.69488 Under Process
2. Industrial Design Dr S V Ranganayakulu
Dean - R&D
Test Jig for Acoustic Emission Evaluation of Specimens
268427 21st December'2014 2nd September’2016
Published by The Patent Office Journal,
Page No.68621
Granted on 30th September’2016