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Placement Scenario at GNI at a glance

Students at GNI have always responded well to the various placement opportunities provided to them. Every Year many students get their career through the Training and Placement Cell. The students are trained from 2nd year onwards on Soft Skills, and Aptitude Skills to make them competent to face any interview. The student speak section will give you a glimpse of what the students think about their stay at GNI and getting the right career.

Aayush M Sheth | 15WJ1A0502 CSE, GNITC, Placed in Value Labs

Throughout my 4 years of engineering at 'Guru nanak institutions', I had countless opportunities to develop analytical skills, leadership and proactive thinking through various programs and events. These attributes were the key reasons because of which I was successfully placed at 'Value labs', with a good package. My sincere appreciation & gratitude to the Placement Department for their support and encouragement, this would not be possible without them.Big thanks to all my faculty members,friends for this amazing journey at Alliance.

Ms Bhavishya | 14WJ1A1208 IT –GNITC, Placed in Byju's

It gives me immense pleasure to write about GNI. GNI is not just any Institution but an Institution where all around development of the student is kept in mind so that he/she sustains anywhere. I had the privilege of being the campus ambassador for GNI also. For any parent out there who is looking for his/her ward to grow in life should definitely choose GNI. GNI has helped me to get placed with Byjus (Think and Learn) at 9 LPA.

Ms Priyanka | 14831A05C5 CSE-GNIT, placed in GGK Technologies

I was placed during the very first drive at GNI with one of the best company’s i.e GGK Tech as software developer. The college is very supportive for the students and students can execute their ideas without any hesitation. I am really grateful to all the staff, faculty and management of GNI for helping my parents dream turn into a reality.

Mr Agresh Gupta | 14831A0507 CSE-GNIT , placed in “HP”

I am Agresh Gupta student of GNIT and have been placed in FTD and HP. Where should I start from if I have to speak about GNI. I would simply say “AWESOME”. From the day of inception into the institute to the time you come out, the college will take care of you as a baby and develop the required skills for you to achieve your dream. I have been trained on multifacet areas by our Institution so as to have an overall development.

Mr Yash Kumar Mundhra | 14WJ1A05V4 CSE-GNITC , placed in Byju's

I had only one dream when I stepped into Engineering, and it was to be able to compete in the corporate world when I become a graduate. This dream has come true as I got placed in Byju’s which is one of the fastest growing companies in a role which suits my skill set with a package of 9 LPA. Apart from this I got multiple offers in renowned organizations, thanks to the training and support that I received from my curriculum staff and mentors at placement department. I thank Vinay Sir and his team from the placement department from the bottom of my heart, for guiding me to reach this position and bring out the best of myself.

Mr Vaibhav Kumar Jaiswal | 14831A04A6-ECE-GNIT, placed in 'mRoads India Pvt. Ltd'

It is a privilege for me to study at one of the premier colleges in Hyderabad. I got placed in the first week of placements in mRoads at 6 LPA. This company works on Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning which were two of my favorite areas for research. I am really great full to T&P Department for getting so many opportunities for GNI students which enables them to be placed in their desired field.

Mr Krishna Prasad Shrestha 4th year EEE , placed in “Growcontrols”

I am Krishna Prasad Shrestha 4th year EEE student from Butwal Nepal, placed in “Growcontrols” as a R&D Engineer .I am really very thankful to the faculty and management who are very co-operative and always ready to help. My special thanks to my faculty Jatin Arora Sir, Gagandeep Sir for guiding me to improve my knowledge and enhance my skills, and last but not least our placement Director Vinay Chopra Sir for providing me this golden opportunity. Thank you very much.

Mr Kundan Teja, CSE, GNITC, Selected in Excers

"A better human being, a better developer and a dream to achieve something big is all that I hoped for when I joined GNI. I am delighted to say that the faculties and staff have helped me achieve my dream. Training and Placement Department Organizes training that helped me develop my technical skills, Leadership & Management skills. Really thankful to the management of GNI"

Ms Sunidhi Chadda, IT, GNITC, Selected in Unisys

"Every student’s dream is to get an opportunity to start their career with well-known MNC, and I got placed in Unisys which is global information Technology Company, thanks to Training & Placement department for providing this opportunity. I am looking forward for an excellent career with Unisys."

Mr Yash Dalmia, CSE, GNIT, Selected in Berkadia (Sales Force Team)

"GNI has signed a MoU with Berkadia for training and hiring students of B.Tech and MBA. The training has been conducted by best trainers from Berkadia. I am glad to be part of this training after which now I am a part of Berkadia as Analyst-Sales Force. I believe that there exist determination and moral support to achieve an initial step of something best in life. The former part is within us and for the latter there are the people who provide us with utmost help for which, I would like to thank the Training & Placement Department"

Neha Kumari, ECE, GNITC, Selected in Capgemini

"Our College has provided us very enhanced and efficient platform for the exposure to the training and placement. I am very thankful to GNI management for providing us the best of placement opportunities. Also, the pre-placement trainings have helped me a lot for campus placements. I am looking forward for a rewarding career with Capgemini."

Razauddin Ahmed, IT, GNITC, Selected in Zensar Techologies

"I have been placed in Zensar Technologies which is enterprise-wide SEI CMM Level 5 Company. I am really grateful to the management who has trained us on various technologies such as Sales Force, Oracle Apps & Testing. My decision to select GNI has paid off well. The faculties always inspired me to go above and beyond my capabilities to get into the best organization."

Ms Manasa Kalluri, EEE, GNIT, Selected in Tech Mahindra

"I am grateful to GNI- Training & Placement Department. They've made efforts to ensure maximum students get placed. Institution started grooming us for placements right from 2nd year. I was completely confident and cracked the aptitude, technical tests and interview rounds due to the mock tests and interviews conducted during the pre placement training."

Mr M Satish Kumar, Magnaquest

"I have been placed with Magnaquest which is a multinational company. It wouldn’t have been possible to get placed without the continuous inputs from my faculty members, aptitude/soft skills trainers. I am really grateful to the management who has made my decision to select GNI successful."

Sardar Daljeet Singh, Rapid Biz Apps

"I have been placed in Rapid Biz Apps at a package of 5 lacs. I will dedicate my success to my college authorities and parents. It wouldn’t have been possible for me to reach at this level without the guidance of my faculty and the management of GNI. The additional trainings which are provided at the campus create a base for the students to crack any interview. I will always cherish my stay at GNI."

Mr Pavan Kumar, Cyient

"I have been selected in Cyient which is a core company for mechanical students. At GNI apart from rigorous curriculum we are trained on Soft Skills, Aptitude Skills and Technical Skills which are really beneficial for the students to get selected in various companies. I am really thankful to the management, faculty and training and placement cell for giving me right career."

Ms Lalitha Lavanya, Open Text

"The biggest thing for every student is to get an opportunity to start their career with well-known MNC, placement department and faculty’s guidelines helped me to realize my potential and work on my skills with Pre Placement Training, thanks to HOD Rawat sir, GNI faculty, training & placement department."

Gopal Sharma, ECE – 4th year

"Working while learning was a great experience. By this, I got the opportunity of exploring the nuances of the corporate world. Working with C3i gave me a chance to work with Johnson and Johnson, USA and develop their hardware connectivity and various ipad applications. It was only because of GNI who gave me a platform to work and learn at the same time. I convey my thanks to the management of GNI for providing me their valuable guidance."

Jyothi Chatwal, ECE – 4th year

"I was fortunate to be placed in C3i where I was trained on hardware connectivity and ipad applications .During my tenure at C3i I could put forth my technical skills which I have learnt at the Guru Nanak Institutions. It was a very wonderful experience to work in the corporate world. It happened because of the assistance and support provided by the management of the GNI."

Bhoomi Patel, IT, Selected in Apollo Health Street

" I believe that I made the right decision by choosing GNI College. I am grateful to my faculty and management for their help and support throughout. Their approach is professional yet very personal and friendly. They guided me in every way they could. They have patiently attended all my queries and provided me with satisfactory solution. Thank you for all your help. GNI offers good quality teaching and learning environment which is more effective to the students and students can learn more than their academic curriculum to learn more and more to enhance our technical skills required to boost up our carrier."

Alex Anto, ECE, Selcted in Apps Associates Pvt. Ltd

"I’m Alex Anto K.J and I’ve been a student of Guru Nanak Institute of Technology for the past 4 years. The atmosphere here is fantastic. The faculty is damn good, they helped a great deal and I would take this opportunity to thank each and every one of them for helping us develop into better human beings. The vision of the management to introduce the Pre Placement Training (PPT) classes really helped me in securing a job as Associate Consultant at Apps Associates Pvt. Ltd. Founded in 2002 by former employees from Oracle Consulting Services; Apps Associates is an IT service provider offering proven expertise in Oracle and Microsoft applications and technologies. I’m really privileged to get a job here and I’m pretty much looking forward to working at Apps Associates."

K. DEEPIKA, EEE, Selected in M/s. AMAZON

"The Amazon placement drive was held on 23rd feb which started with pre-placement talk that helped us in getting to know what the company is totally about and also the role we were offered. Its after the pre-placement talk,that i really fell in love with the company,and at any cost wished to be a part of Amazon. The whole selection process was done in 4 rounds. The first round was personal introduction round where we were asked to speak for 1min about a topic from our resume. The second round was a HR round where i was asked about myself and why i want to be a part of Amazon. It was followed by online test where in we were tested on our language and analytical skills. And then it was followed by personal interview round. This round was very typical among the 4 rounds. I was supposed to draw conclusions for many situations and it mainly tested one's entrepreneur skills. I personally loved that round. At the end of the day,I was one among the people who got selected for Amazon and yes,Im very happy about that."

Swathi Nambiar, CSE, Selected in Data 64

" An engineer’s life is quite challenging and enjoyable and my College gave me the knowledge and support with its splendid learning atmosphere as well as teaching facilities which are impeccable and the variety of services available made me always feel very lucky to be a part of it. Completing a bachelor degree is a small part of our life long journey. However, it is an essential part of our successful career. Therefore, I would say “It’s not the end, but just the beginning of our educational journey!” I would like to thank GNI and our Placement department for all the enormous support and opportunities. "

Naga Harsha, Civil, Selected in CHEGG

" I am happy to say that without guidance from GNI placement cell I wouldn't have made it through CHEGG. I am very much happy to be a part of GNI. By this time I convey my thanks and regards to GNI management & GNI PLACEMENT CELL”

A. Haritha ,CSE C.A Tech

“ I feel really proud to be a part of CA Technologies and the credit for this goes to the placement dept of GNITC. They gave us excellent training in soft and technical skills. They refined all our skills which helped a lot during the various stages of my interview. Their intensive coaching boosted my confidence levels to a great extent. GNEC is an excellent institute where students get innumerable opportunities to hone their skills and talents. Once we step into this college there is no looking back, only sky is the limit for every student here. Sophisticated infrastructure, excellent faculty and well maintained labs provide every student an opportunity to excel in life. I take this opportunity to thank each and everyone who is a part of GNEC. My special thanks to honourable chairman Mr. Kohli, Managing Director Dr. Saini and my HOD Prof. Rishi Sayal for their constant guidance and support. ”