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Embedded System

Center for Nondestructive Evaluation

Texas Centre of Excellence for Embedded system is established in collaboration with Texas instruments, Crane Software Inc and Texas Instruments university programme. As part of MoU, conducting student contest programmes and Faculty Development programmes.

Mr Narendra Babu, Resource Person of Texas Instruments, delivering lecture on Embedded system on 25th June’2014 The centre will promote the design of embedded products based on TI's semiconductors. It will also promote design of educational solutions for teaching subjects on embedded systems and conduct educational activities such as seminars and train-the-trainer workshops that will be open to teachers from other engineering colleges as well.

Activities of Texas Centre of Excellence for Embedded system

Activity Event Dates No. of participants Deliverables
Embedded system Design using TI MSP 430 MCU 25 – 26 June’2014 44 Introduction, Understand the MSP 430 Timer operation, Analog to Digital converter, interface MSP 430F5529 with internal ADC
Analog System design using analog device 26 – 27 June’2014 38 Basic building block of active filters, simulation of universal active filters, regenerative feedback systems
TI India Analog Maker Competition 2014 27 – 28th Sept’2014 450 Design, simulation and implementation using TL072 Opamp