With an aim and intention of imparting management subjects in the capital of Andhra Pradesh, Guru Nanak Institutions have taken great initiative in establishing the School of Management Studies in 2005. The Management subjects were on demand in the domain areas of Human Resource Management, Marketing Management, Finance Management. Gurunanak paved the path for imparting Business School way of curriculum with an affiliation to JNTU, Hyderabad which is approved by AICTE as well.

The course curriculum has been designed in such a way that it is Industry-Collaborative Education, in order to produce able managers to strengthen various functions in Corporate/Industry.

To enable the students to qualify to secure an admission into MBA Course in the SMS-GURUNANAK , a good –rank in ICET was made an essential one to secure the admission with a good marks in graduation too. The School of Management Studies (SMS) is also attracting various other domain students such as Engineering, Law and other related branches of studies.

To enable the aspiring students who wish to become successful managers of Corporate/Industry, our institute obtained all the necessary sanctions and approvals from the concerned educational authorities and from University at the appropriate junctures. The total intake of students in SMS-GURUNANAK is 120 in an academic year, consisting of two sections.

The SMS is being managed, administered and controlled by Managing Director and Director with the constant support by the team of faculty members. The faculty members are in SMS have been drawn from Corporate/Industry and with excellent talents in academics coupled with appropriate educational/professional qualifications in teaching and training with their expertise in Management Subjects. The SMS believes always that mere teaching in the class- rooms would be fetching the desired results, but at the same time SMS strongly feels that updating the qualities of the faculty members periodically through various Self Development Programmes and Work-shops only would hike the academic delivery and competency of the faculty members. Therefore, the faculty members are participating in various faculty development programmes frequently. The objective of this initiative is not only to upgrade the faculty members but also to ensure the transformation of knowledge, skills to the students in the class room to convert the students to be the best Managers of the ensuing days and to make them to prove themselves to match exactly with the corporate/industry.

Apart from class room sessions, SMS has been arranging special activities at regular intervals by way of conducting in-house skills building programmes and also by inviting the Industry/Corporate Mangers, as well. The primary objective is to enable the Students of MBA to showcase their inner and in-built talents to update themselves for their self development and personality development. In order to promote this objective, SMS has inaugurated TAS on Thursday, the 13th September 2012 with a Grand Inauguration in the Campus of Gurunanak. Subsequently various activities are being regularly conducted on all Thursdays in this regard.

SMS has been conducting various programmes in Joint Action with MSME to introduce to our students the latest trends in the industry scenario and also to motivate the students to become productive entrepreneurs as well.

To enable the students to have the hands-on experience about the various organizations in manufacturing sector to understand the Operational Management, Marketing, Man Management Functions, Logistics etc., so that the Industrial Visits could convert the book knowledge to practicality. As we know well that the functions are differing from one industry to another, therefore, only by personal visits, it could suffice the need of the management students. Therefore as per the need, the Industrial visits are being arranged. The faculty members of SMS are performing the functions of identifying the right industries to be visited by the Students and also by escorting the students the methodologies to be adopted during the Industrial Visits, by communicating to the industry managers in this regard, well in advance. No doubt, Industrial Visits are added advantages to the students. SOFT SKILLS & EMPLOYABLE SKILLS (SAES)
Since the Soft Skills Training in educational institutions have been gaining momentum, SMS has a strong belief that Soft Skills Training is certainly adding value to the qualities of an individual and no second or an alternate thought in it. In order to impart employability skills to the management students, SMS has chartered- out the following training programmes which are being imparted by the Joint activities of all the SMS Management Faculty right from the First Semester onwards. Intermittently, the various external resources such as Industry Professionals etc., are also being invited for evaluation of the students for their betterment.

The activities are:-
Communication Skills
Inter-personal Skills
Goal Setting
Time Management
Team Management
Presentation Skills
Group Discussions
Corporate Culture
Interview Skills

The Soft Skills Training is placed as a regular activity in SMS, by scheduling the sessions in the Time- table itself. Periodic tests are being conducted for assessment and further feed- back on the individual performances of the students for corrective action to be placement- worthy. Needless to mention that the Soft Skills Training is strengthening the Students to face the Interviews boldly. SMS is adding value to the Placement Activities by inculcating the students to be aware of the ongoing corporate changes and scenario.

National Service Scheme: The students are evincing interest in contributing for the social-upliftment programmes. They are periodically participating in the events as being planned by the Students Group with the conjunction of Faculty Members.

Management Meet: In order to be effective in the continuous Academic update, SMS is continuously on the productive functions in viewing and reviewing the on-goings in the various issues. The productive measures are suggested for the Academic Activities and the necessary implementation is on the offing. The Faculty Members of SMS are on the initiative in putting forward the requirement in development measures.

Industrial Seminar: Apart from other activities in connection with the students development, SMS is on the look-out of prospective managers of various organizations in order to share their Industry Experiences with the Students of SMS, very frequently, various Seminars are being organized in the Campus.

Go-Green Culture Week: SMS is fully aware that the Students of Management must pay their contributions to keep the environment green and tidy, by way of planting trees, recycling the waste water for better re-usage, educating the farmers in developing the greenery aspects in the vicinity, sharing the information on Global Warming etc., SMS has been arranging various programmes to that effect in and out of the campus of Guru Nanak periodically.

Hyderabad Management Association: (HMA) The renowned Management Development Institute, which is a conglomerate of All India Management Association, New Delhi, has recognized our Campus as a Centre for Management Development and our Faculty Members are deputed for various Management Development Programmes organized by HMA as and when conducted.

Business Line: The reputed Business News Paper known as BUSINESS LINE, which is part of the reputed News Paper known as “ The Hindu”, has been in line with SMS in deputing a Talented Resource Personality in delivering lectures in our Campus at regular intervals, in order to update our students on various Knowledge Management initiatives.