Dated: 22nd Nov. 2016

As per the Thursday Afternoon Seminar (TAS) activity, the prior intimation was given to the Students of MBA for the preparations of the Activity- ADZAP, an activity which is consisting of the preparation of advertisement materials on the chart, soft copy documents on power point slides, creation of a new product with innovative ideas and thinking, marketing and sales plan, marketing and communications, and the ways and means in making the product to reach the end users i.e., the customers.

This activity was entrusted to the First Semester/First MBA Students.

The Faculty Members guided the students on the required preparations, forming the groups consisting of five or six students so that the team spirit could be understood and practiced by them. Creativity and sharing of ideas are also could be with the self motivation of all concerned.

The Activity began at 1.30 P.M. The number of groups presented were Eleven. All the groups presented the Charts, Power Point Slides, Video-clips etc., which were snapped. The evaluation of the teams were made by the Faculty Group with the parameters consisting of Presentation Skills, Communication skills, Explanation Skills, Team Management, Content, Video Quality etc., .The teams were answering the queries posed by the faculty members on the product and presentation.

On assessing the presentations Three Groups were announced as the Winners in the rank of sequence.

The Three Winning Teams would be given a Prize by us for their contribution.