Dept of Pharmaceutics

GNITC-School of Pharmacy offered B.Pharmacy course. B.Pharmacy course is a four yearPharmaceutics is the science of drug delivery. In a broad sense, it involves: preparation and stability of suitable dosage forms, design and evaluation of dosing regimens and dosage forms (delivery systems) that overcome barriers and optimize drug action (and minimize adverse effects), understanding barriers that influence drug absorption and prevent drug reaching its site of action, quantitative characterization of both the drug concentration-effect relationship and the concentration-time profile of the drug after it enters the body.

Pharmaceutics is truly multidisciplinary. The underlying sciences include: physical chemistry, biochemistry, analytical chemistry, mathematics, chemical engineering, molecular and cellular biology, pharmacology, anatomy and physiology. Division faculty maintain ongoing joint projects with faculty in the Colleges of Medicine, Veterinary Medicine, Engineering, and with faculty at other institutions; some division faculty are members of the Comprehensive Cancer Center - Cancer Hospital and Research Institute and Dentistry.


The increasing importance of drug delivery in the overall drug discovery and development process is widely appreciated in the pharmaceutical industry: delivery methods improve drug efficacy and safety, and provide new markets and extend drug patent lifetimes. Current therapeutic value emphasizes improving targeting of bio-active chemical species to specific sites of action. While easily stated, this is quite difficult to do experimentally, requiring multi-disciplinary teams of scientists strongly grounded in basic and applied sciences, engineering and medicine. Consequently, graduates of our Ph.D. program with a diverse scientific training and research skills are highly recruited.

Many graduates choosing industrial positions become involved in product development research, and apply their skills to solutions of commercial, practical, yet challenging problems across the pharmaceutical and biomedical device industry.

Others select positions oriented more toward fundamental research with less emphasis on short-term product-oriented goals. Numbers of basic research positions in pharmaceutics are expanding rapidly as the pharmaceutical industry.
Intake of students: 36
Duration of course:­ 2 years
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