Major & Minor Research Projects

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Major Research Projects
Name of the Principal Investigator/Coordinator Funding Agency Grant-in-aid Value(in Lacs) Category of the Project Title of the Project
Dr S V Ranganayakulu BRFST under DAE under Nuclear Fusion Programme 29.55 Electronics Establishment of Acoustic Emission Technique for quality assurance of SS Materials and other NDT methods
Dr S V Ranganayakulu AICTE 17.00 Materials Science & Engineering NDT Evaluation of Aerospace and Nuclear Engineering Materials
School of Pharmacy Principal AICTE 8.00 Institute level Entrepreneur Development Cell
School of Pharmacy Principal AICTE 4.00 Institute level Industry Institute Partnership Cell
UGC Minor Research Projects

UGC – SERO sanctioned an amount of Rs.40.16 lacs to 14 Faculty members to pursue the minor research projects for the duration of 2 years (i.e., 2014 – 2016). Details of the projects are mentioned below-

Sl No. Name of the Principal Investigator Department Title of the Project
1 Dr V. Satyasundaram Computer Science & Engineering On the security of trustee based social authentications
2 Dr S V Ranganayakulu Physics Ultrasonic Investigation studies and Characterization of Nano Fluids
3 Dr S S S Muntazvali Civil Engineering Use of remote sensing and GIS tools in water shed development
4 Dr B Veeranna Civil Engineering Study on emerging problems related to spatial variations in urban living conditions
5 Dr K Ashok Reddy Mechanical Engineering Heat Transfer Studies in an S-Shaped Coil Heat Exchanger using Nano fluids
6 Mr E V Ramana Mechanical Engineering Comparative study of Data Mining Tools for Knowledge Extraction, Process control and Quality improvement of injection Molding
7 A Raj Kumar Mechanical Engineering Performance and analysis of bio diesel blends with diesel
8 C Hemasundara Rao Electronics & Communication Engineering Design a CAD system based on image fusion to detect the tumors
9 Dr S Sivaiah Mathematics Heat And Mass Transfer Problems In MHD Flows by Finite Element Method
10 Dr G Srinivas Mathematics Finite element analysis of heat sources in convective heat transfer with viscous dissipation
11 Mr Ravula Parameswara Rao Pharmacy Design Microwave assisted synthesis and antiproliferative activity of pyrazole derivatives as novel vegfr-2 inhibitors
12 Dr S A Srinivas Pharmacy Thiolated chitosan preparation, characterization and its application for formulating pharmaceutical dosage form using an api
13 Dr A Nageswara Rao Management Studies A Study on effectiveness of skill development programmes by central government for rural youth in Hyderabad
14 Dr V N Santhi Sree ManagementStudies A Study on prospects of Chit fund industries in south India

2017-19 On-Going Projects

Details of Grant-in-aid of Rs.23,85,298/- sanctioned by AICT/UGC -SERO for ongoing major and minor research projects for the period of 2017 - 2019

Sl.No.Name of the Faculty/Prinicipal Investigator Title of the project Subject Agency
1.Dr H S Saini Advanced Computer Lab Computer Science & Engineering AICTE under MODROBS
2.Dr Rishi SayalWeb-Based Speech Synthesis Mobile APP for visually impaired people Computer Science & Engineering AICTE under RPS
3.M Venkata Ramana ReddyDesign of Microwave assisted synthesis and antiproliferatie action of Quinazolinone derivatives as novel LFA-1/ICAM-1 interaction inhibitorsPharmacyUGCC-SERO
4.Dr Tribhuvan SinghDesign and Synthesis and Biological Screening of novel 4-Thiazolidinones against pheritima posthumous Heliminthesis model PharmacyUGC-SERO
5.B SrinivasDesign and synthesis of novel metal organic frame works (MOFs) for CO2 and H2 gas storage and separation applications ChemistryUGC-SERO
6.Dr N BhaskerDevelopment of novel Synthesis methods for spirooxindolylcyclonexanone derivatives ChemistryUGC-SERO