BRUMOUS FIESTA - The Burgeoning

The most awaited winter fest, BRUMOUS FIESTA, was successfully organized at GURU NANAK INSTITUTIONS for 2 days on 31st of January and 1st of February with pomp and splendour. The event was inaugurated by Managing Director, Dr. H.S. Saini, presided over by Dr. M. Ramalinga Reddy, Director- GNITC and Dr. S. Sreenatha Reddy, Principal-GNIT. The students were enlightened by the speeches of the dignitaries. The event was conducted to showcase the young talents of the students of Guru Nanak Institutions. It was a delight watching such enthusiasm among both participants and audience. The participants were not only students but the faculty too ! The event appeared to be the best opportunity to the students and faculty to unmask their hidden talents. The complete event was covered live for 2 days and bagged huge response online.

On the first day, the event began with the release of a magazine, Orbozine by the honorable Managing Director and Director of GURU NANAK INSTITUTIONS. Orbozine is a student startup and got their firm registered from the year, 2019 which paves a way to enrich and expand student's ecosystem in terms of showcasing their talents and to get some change in the student community in general. This was followed by singing competition among students and faculty during which the auditorium vibrated with all the vibrant voices of the participants. Each one of them was so good at singing that it seemed like it was a difficult task for the team of jury to decide the winners. The audience was mesmerized by the talent of the participants that the auditorium echoed with a huge applause each time a participant came up to the dias to sing. Then the event carried on by Antakshari Competition for both faculty and students. The Competition was hard-nosed but amusing and entertaining.

Then the actual competition , Mr & Ms Libaz started where an appreciable number of participants sashayed down the ramp donning Fancy, Traditional, Western and Halloween wears. The auditorium felt so colourful with the appealing look of the participants as each one of them looked like a million dollars! The event continued with Mr & Ms GNI competition which involved Talent of GNI and Face of GNI where the students were given an opportunity to showcase their talents other than singing and dancing.The first day of the event was successfully completed with a light-hearted feeling noticed.

On February 1st, the second day of the event was filled with an unparalleled zest. The air in the open auditorium was filled with a high-voltage energy of the students and the faculty. The dance performances had literally set the audience on fire. Each and every performance was so adorable that the live streaming of the event on the second day had gained a huge response even more than that of the live streaming of first day.

The performances comprised of artistic properties, dashing costumes, sprightly moves and oodles of energy.The energy of the participants and the audience was the same from the beginning till the end of the event. A performance, which was a tribute to the Tollywood and Bollywood stood as the highlight of the second day event. Classical, Bhangra and a message oriented performance regarding the abuse of women were the special attraction.

The Managing Director Dr. H.S. Saini, distributed the prizes to the announced winners, accompanied by General Manager (Administration),Rajesh Kumar & Associate Director, R. K. Singh. The six and a half hour event was filled with effervescence.

The two-day event was a huge success giving the students a best experience of fun-filled college event. The event was possible only due to the vigorous efforts of the students and faculty co-coordinators. Their hard work is very much appreciated and the management looks forward towards the encouragement of many such events in the future. It was once again proven that GNI has extraordinary students with great and rare talents.

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