GNITC organized One Day seminar on Lead India National Club (LINC) on 13th Feb 2015 at Indoor Auditotorium, GNITC. 200 students were participated in interactive sessions of LINC from 3rd year IT/CSE-5/EEE.

The Seminar started with TOPIC-Theory of Personality Development Session-1 by Mr.Prabhakar Rao Kotapati, Sr. Director-Business Intelligence-Governance & Profiles, S&P CAPITAL IQ McGRAW HILL FINANACIAL, Hyderabad.

TOPIC Principles of Ancient India and LEAD INDIA MISSION Session-2 started by Mr. Chand Akkineni, CEO, SoftPros,Inc., SoftPros Global and ITJobCafe. TOPIC-Becoming a better student Session-3 by Prof. V. Viswanadham, Founder Convener, Yuva Bharathi Foundation.

The objective the Presentations is to make students serve the Motherland in the name of Lead India National Club awareness programmes. The programme was headed by Prof. N Prasanna Balaji, Coordinator-LINC, HOD, IT-GNITC with his team Mr. Ravindra Changala, Assistant Professor, IT-GNITC and Mr. S Madhu, Associate Professor, CSE-GNITC, Co-Coordinators, LINC along with few IT 3rd year volunteers.

While interactive sessions students were appreciated by giving prizes and all the sessions were informative, inspirational and service oriented towards motherland development. Seminar motto and objective Lead India-2020 was summarized by Prof. N Prasanna Balaji, Coordinator-LINC & HOD, IT-GNITC with vote of thanks.