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Street Cause is the largest student NGO in Hyderabad comprising of students intent on doing their bit for the betterment of society.Within a year from its inception in 2009, it has radically grown from being a local guild of adherents to the largest student NGO in Hyderabad. Our objectiveis to help the underprivileged, such as orphans, the elderly, the unemployed and the physically and mentally handicapped, to better their lives in any way possible. We also aim to educate and empower the youth into taking proper and timely action, so as to encompass a brighter tomorrow.We hope to give our nation’s youth voice, and a medium to channel their energy in the right direction.

For a better and bigger working of our motto, we have divisions in various colleges in Hyderabad, one among the divisions being “Street Cause GNI”.

After 2013, Street Cause GNI was reestablished on August 13th 2015 with a fresh team of 36,with members categorized into following departments
1. Social Impact
2. Education
3. Women Empowerment
4. Environment
5. Old Age & Differently abled

With seven members in each department, Street Cause GNI has been uninterruptedly executing tasks every month and is continuing to create impact.

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