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Guru Nanak Institutions - A World-Class Campus in Every Way!

The GNI Campus is an extensive campus created to give life a new dimension in academics - it is spread across 100 acres and has 10,000+ students from across the globe study and research in the fields of Engineering, Technology, Business Management and Pharmacy.

The temple of higher learning with mind and body enriching atmosphere can be seen at GNI. Apart from academic blocks and buildings there are plenty of open space, sports grounds, lawns and greens that help students to relax while they are taking time out from their busy schedules.

Every department is hosted in a separate block and the architecture and the amenities in each building is pro health and promote a sense of calm and making students feel at home. Well-vntileted, spacious and well-furnished classrooms are very inviting and plesant to walk into.The comfort level provided in the infrasrutural facilities helps the students to focus on their academic pursuits in an uninterupted manner.

Advanced labs, truy sohisticated computer centres, with the latest hardware and software provide students the opportunity to gain hands-on learning and practical experience.

GNI - Infrastructure

Apart from academic blocks and buildings, 100 acres of GNI Campus contains plenty of open space, sport grounds, lawns and greens that help students to relax while they are taking time from their busy schedule. Every department is hosted in a separate block. The amenities in each building are pro-health and promote a sense of calm, making students feel at home.

GNI has set up modern, well equipped labs promoting practical experiment, research and development among the students. Science and Engineering labs are equipped with latest tools, machineries, foundries while computer labs are equipped with latest software and hardware.

At GNI there is ample stress on sports and physical fitness of the students. GNI campus offers scope for various sports including basketball, football, cricket, tennis, badminton etc. Campus has well equiiped gym where students work on their fitness.

GNI campus has multiple libraries including digital library with vast and comprehensive collections in science, engineering, technology textbooks, arts, literature, cultural, general knowledge, personal grooming, languages, entrance test related, cognitive thinking, e-books, e-journals, books on religion, ethics and political science for students.

GNI has Open Air Auditorium which has the capacity of over 2000 capacity and an air conditioned indoor auditorium over 600 capacity. Every department has their own seminar halls where events happen on regular basis.

GNI has multiple cafeterias and food courts in its campus where quality foods is available to its students, staff and all. There is a separate cafeteria built to cater international students with special menu.

GNI campus has a special bank counter from a Govt Recognized bank where students can do bank transactions apart from multiple ATM facilities.

GNI has separate well furnished, well guarded hostels for boys and girls students apart from guest houses where parents and guests can have temporary stay.