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Welcome to Parents
  • A few Words to Parents

    After 10 plus 2 for the first time your ward will be entering into a competitive world to take up a professional career. It is of paramount importance for the parents to understand where their ward can learn the best and where they can be most comfortable and safe. We at GNI assure you that the time your ward spends with us in the campus will be the most productive moments of their life. At GNI campus life is very vibrant, full of positive energy and every moment your ward spends with us will be full of learning.

    Beyond studies we have enough provisions for sports, cultural activities, inter and intra college competitions which will help your ward to build positive mind and healthy lifestyle which are essential to grow in life. We take care in imparting quality education through our innovative academic curriculum; similarly we also inculcate professional etiquettes, effective communication skills, business acumen and professionalism throughout the eight semester program.

  • Support your ward

    Your actual role in supporting your ward’s starts once the admission process is completed. How is it possible? Read below for more.

  • See that your child becomes independent

    It is very important for your ward to become independent while pursuing their professional program. If your ward faces any challenges in academics or any other issue, direct them to the student counselors available in GNI itself. In most of the cases your ward will get solution by deliberating with our counselors in case they are unable to find a suitable solution, they are always free to meet with the Vice Principal / Principal.

  • Become a friend to your ward

    Become a friend to your ward. Discuss issues concerning them as a friend so that they feel comfortable and free to share their mind. Teach them how to judge a situation and take decisions. Your ward should experience the authoritativeness and enjoy the success with the decision which will give them confidence to handle all the future challenges and difficulties in life.

  • Keep them in loop

    While your ward is in GNI they will be very busy with lots of academic activities, assignments, sports and out bound activities. You should see that your ward is very much aware and connected with the family occasions like anniversaries and other family events. Let your ward know that they are still an important part of the family.

  • Encourage building relationship

    Encourage your ward to be friendly and build relationship with cross section of the student community and participate in various social activities organized by GNI from time to time so that your ward can have a overall understanding about the communities and would be in a position to take future challenges with ease.