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Academics Overview

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Academics Overview

Inspiration of today, in reality tomorrow. Creating, inventing, innovating, attacking challenges, solving problems, improving the quality of life these are the driving forces for engineers.

The engineer’s ingenuity is a driving force in our society. From space stations to microsystems, the potential for innovative engineering is endless. If you’re wondering what the future might look like, the Guru Nanak Institutions can show you the way.

Comprehensive Education

Today’s engineers are required to face immense challenges to be successful in the global arena. The engineering program at GNI, we are dedicated to giving you and all the talented and motivated students in our programs an exceptional engineering experience. A top rated education requires knowledgeable and engaged faculty and the latest equipment and technology. Intensive laboratory assignments in state-of-the-art facilities will give you plenty of practice with engineering design tools. This is where our Teaching and learning pedagogy plays a vital role in molding the Student and roll them out as Industry ready Professionals.

Each member of the Staff shall abide by the Code of Practices for Staff - Staff Rules Book Each subject must be taught for at least 4 hours or 5 periods per week. Each semester consists of roughly 13-16 weeks. Every subject must be supplemented by the concerned Faculty in the form of Practical, Case Discussions, Field Assignments, and Research work or shown to the student to get practical exposure either by way of Industry Visit, Guest Faculty from the Industry who works in the connected subject area, Consultant. This way each subject is thoroughly handled by each of the Faculty.

After every semester is completed the Students feedback on the faculty are taken into account and a meeting is conducted in the Presence of the Vice Chairman, Managing Director, Director, Associate Directors and respective Head of the branch and the Students coordinators to ensure that the Students’ learning is progressing day by day, and their learning difficulties (if any) are adequately addressed. This feedback serves as a yardstick for the Faculty to improve on their Subject / Teaching Skills, and partly goes into their performance appraisal

You have options

Within the College of Engineering, you’ll find Aeronautical, Civil, Computer, Electrical, Electronics, Information Technology, Mechanical, Pharmacy, Business Management, Computer Applications and Business School programs. Most of these incorporate industry-specific options that let you specialize to a greater degree. So many choices will likely help you find the discipline that best suits your skills and interests. But you may discover options that you’d never considered before and want the time to decide which one to follow. In that case, you may want to apply to our engineering exploration program. You’ll take first-year courses that give you the foundation for entering the engineering major of your choice as a sophomore.

Developing Leadership qualities within students

Four Students coordinators are selected from each class who are a true representative sample of the whole class. Various criteria are considered in selecting them as Class Representatives and Course Coordinators. By doing so GNI, in a way trains the students to develop second level leadership for effective succession planning. The Students coordinators and class representatives are changed every semester so that each Student gets an opportunity to learn the Leadership qualities, team playing abilities, motivation etc.

If you’d like to take part in undergraduate research or advanced independent study, you can work directly with faculty members who are investigating areas that interest you. Here you’ll be part of an academic environment that encourages creativity, the sharing of ideas, and an enriching quality of life for all students.

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