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Center for Nondestructive Evaluation

Indian Geo spatial Market is on the verge of a humongous growth. Most Indian firms in GIS are involved in the data collection, data capture and data conversion scenario. The government is the biggest consumer of GIS applications and uses it actively. India, with its diverse landscapes a perfect fit for a technology like GIS. This is largely attained due to government focus on use of GIS and large initiatives like R-APDRP and NLRMP but this is just the start. It is also estimated that private players in infrastructure, telecom and other utilities are spending around Rs 50crore annually on GIS products and services.

The notable industries that are offering GIS services
ANNOVA Technologies Pvt. Ltd, CGC Converse Technologies Pvt. Ltd, Geosoft Technologies, IN-RIMT, RSI Softech India Pvt. Ltd, Infotech Enterprises etc., Several hundreds of industries are doing outsourcing jobs in the applications of Map generation, Remote Sensing, Photogrammetry, insurance companies etc., The industries prefer trained candidates in the field of GIS instead of recruit and train. The placement opportunities are expected to be improved those who possess GIS skills.

GNITC believe in providing necessary infrastructure to its students and train them industry preferred software applications to improve their job opportunities. GNITC established a Centre of Excellence on Geomatics with the latest server and software from ESRI which enables the students to undertake minor and major projects under the guidance of experienced faculty.