From Chief Co-ordinator's Desk


Chief Co-ordinator's Message

At the Guru Nanak Institutions- Entrepreneurship Development Cell, we believe that all students have the potential to be innovative; to take their ideas, in whatever context, and make them a reality. To stimulate the entrepreneurship in you, we offer students who are interested in learning about the process of innovation and entrepreneurship through various curricular and co-curricular paths to become an "entrepreneur."

Entrepreneurship is much more than the process of start-up. Entrepreneurship is to create problem solving mindset applicable to pursue innovation in business, personal, and career contexts and an approach to life built around innovative thinking, calculated risks, and proactive behaviour. Entrepreneurship is very important in career for following significant reasons.

1. Entrepreneurial skills will protect you in a weak job market by giving you the tools to create your own jobs.
2. Learning about entrepreneurship broadens your perspective about ways to pursue your career entrepreneurially, rather than on traditional pathways in particular fields.
3. Now a day’s companies seek employees with some type of entrepreneurial experience. Leading companies of all sizes understand that they must innovate to survive and prosper.

GNI-EDC is founded on the principle that every student should have the opportunity to dream big and pursue their passions. GNI E-Cell is designed to be experiential and interdisciplinary. The GNI E-Cell named as “MaverickS”

50 students in each E-Cell will a National Entrepreneurship Network- Wadhwani Foundation course for student entrepreneurship. As of now we have a group of 150 students NEN Wadhwani NEN 100 and NEN 101 course completed.

Each NEN course has four modules of 30 hours. Our goal is to infuse entrepreneurial thinking and doing, a National entrepreneurship courses. We also, offer an E-Cell activities to ignite and shape young minds to think new and have a problem solving orientation.

Students who have developed an entrepreneurial mindset have strong communication skills, recognize how to take initiative, and know how to execute. Entrepreneurial individuals will establish campus companies, to bring innovative perspectives into the workplace.

Please feel free to contact me on to discuss your journey to entrepreneurship.