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Father Name: Sailesh Kumar Mundhra, Student: Yash Kumar Mundhra,
Placed in Byju's

Guru Nanak Institutions has provided my ward with a stable career and a life worth living. I am really grateful to all the staff, management and training and placement staff for all their efforts.

Father Name: Nageswara Rao V, Student: Bhavishya Veeramachaneni,
Placed in Byju's

I am feeling proud to write about GNI. I have made both of my kids complete their studies from GNI. This is one of the best campuses in Hyderabad, where all around development of the student is kept in mind, so that students can sustain in the corporate world. I am really thankful to everybody who made this possible.

Father Name: Jagdish Agarwal, Student: Chetan Agarwal,
Placed in Host Analytics

My son Chetan Agarwal has been placed in product development company Host Analytics and I am really thankful to all the management and staff of GNI. This is a great college for anybody who wants their kids to have the right career.

Father Name: Rajkumar Jaiswal, Student: Vaibhav Kumar Jaiswal,
Placed in mRoads India Pvt. Ltd.

My son got placed in mRoads from the campus. He is a good student and I am proud of my son. This is a good college and I would ask other parents to definitely look for joining their kids at GNI.