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Center for Nondestructive Evaluation

SAE INDIA conducts this competition every year. Students across the country from various institutes and universities represent their team. The primary objective is to design and fabricate an ATV. The event (BAJA) comprises of dynamic events such as acceleration test, deceleration test, hill climb, maneuverability and a four hour endurance race where the vehicle is subjected to these events which tests the students design perceptive.

Before entering the competition we have preliminary round where teams from different colleges are supposed to present their respective design reports. More than 400 teams have participated for the SAE INDIA BAJA virtual preliminary round and out of which 120 teams have been selected for the main event and we are one among. The event helps the students to arcane subject relating the field, works on real time problems and helps them to be pragmatic. In this project students learn and gain experience in designing, machining, fabricating and financing and real time reliable vehicle and also communicating with vendors, suppliers and sponsors. Members in the team face high pressure scenarios during working hours where they have to complete their part in the time specified and always putting budget in mind. Besides the technical skills the project also tests the disciplinary actions among the members, team work, team strategies, ethics and project management are considered as a prominent role. This project gains a valuable experience to the members. The team comprises of various ages and majors. SAE India Baja gives us exposure to various automotive items. Students work hard and give commitment to the team including weekends and late night hours. Students join SAE India Baja because of their zeal and motivation to see their design from a virtual display to a real time functional model. This event is hosted in Pithampur at INDORE; the event is during the month of February.

The entire event is covered on Neo Sports and also goes live on air in few stations. Each teams as a cumulative sum of 25 student body members and 120 teams in the event. Apart from the participants we also have other enthusiasts coming up for the event as audience. The event is sponsored and hosted by automotive giants such as Mahindra and Mahindra, Chevrolet.