Solid State Light Incubation Centre

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Solid State Light Incubation Centre | GNI

GNI is establishing a Solid State Light Incubation Centre (SSLIC) in coordination with the experts from the relevant industries with outstanding industrial exposure as an ongoing process of Industry Institute Interaction under the guidance of dynamic visionary Dr H S Saini, Managing Director, GNI

SSLIC will act as a student centric learning unit, which will provide need based industry tuned course work, on a dynamic market driven curriculum, specially designed for the purpose, on current industrial interest, with a focus on product development, innovation and research.

The salient features of the SSLIC are to explore the possibilities of providing need based internships and beyond the class-room trainings for an experiential learning and development of core skills for the students of 2nd, 3rd and 4th year of ECE and EEE departments of GNITC and GNIT.

SSLIC Coordinator- Dr. S. V. Ranganayakulu, Dean – R&D, SSLIC Faculty Coordinators- Mr. G. Indra Reddy, Assistant Professor, EEE, GNITC Mr. Ch.V.Suryanarayana, Assistant Professor, EEE, GNITC Mr. Ch. Sriram, Assistant Professor, EEE, GNIT Internship Details: Name of the Internship: Application & Manufacturing of LEDs